Top 16 places to visit in Amsterdam in a day

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Although everyone immediately thinks of the coffee shops and the Red Light District when a city trip to Amsterdam is mentioned, the Dutch capital has a lot more to offer. Built on a network of canals, the city is known as the Venice of the North. With a lot of art museums and the combination of old and new in the streets, Amsterdam is a must for every culture lover so let’s find out top things to do in Amsterdam in one day.

16. Nemo Science Museum

nobody things to do in amsterdam in one day
Nemo Science Museum

In Amsterdam you can find the most beautiful (art) museums, but are you going to Amsterdam with the children? Or does art not need you so much? Then you can take her to the amazing Nemo museum which is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam in one day. Put on your lab coat and get started as a scientist with the best experiments.

15. Artis

Artist things to do in amsterdam in one day
Artis Zoo

Artis is the name of the zoo in Amsterdam. It is not only the numerous animal species present that make Artis one of the most visited attractions in the Netherlands. The monumental buildings dating from the nineteenth century in the zoo also attract attention and confirm the status of the oldest zoo in the Netherlands.

14. De Pijp

the pipe things to do in amsterdam in one day
De Pijp

Michiel1972 / wikicommons

This district located in the south of Amsterdam was once intended to accommodate the population explosion in the capital but has grown into an old working-class neighborhood where people from different parts of the world live together. A lot of students also stay there in their free time because of the cozy terraces and a nice atmosphere. The famous Albert Cuypstraat can also be found in De Pijp, where the Albert Cuyp market is held six times a week.

13. Royal Palace on the Dam

Palace on the Dam things to do in amsterdam in one day
Dam Square

Robert Scarth/flickr

The Royal Palace of the Netherlands is located in the center of Amsterdam. Specifically on the Dam. The palace is mainly used to receive foreign statesmen and is opened daily to the public on other days and it is one of best things to do in amsterdam in one day if you want to explore the ancient life of the dutch empire.

12. Leidseplein

Leidseplein things to do in amsterdam in one day

Yozza /flickr

The Leidseplein, located a stone’s throw from the Vondelpark, is the bustling heart of the city. The many restaurants, cafés, and theaters that are located here along the square ensure that this is the entertainment district of Amsterdam. Leidseplein is just as old as the canal belt that forms the center of Amsterdam. Nowadays it is a meeting place for both Amsterdam residents and tourists who come here to enjoy the nice atmosphere. Often a lot of street artists perform here.

11. The Red Light District

bags things to do in amsterdam in one day

 The Red Light District is an area where prostitution is present and where they try to lure you in from behind the window. This region has a reputation for being somewhat more dangerous in the evenings, but that is somewhat exaggerated. Just like in most capitals, you better watch out for pickpockets.

10. Old Church

Old church things to do in amsterdam in one day

Amsterdam Municipal Department for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites (bMA)

The Oude Kerk is the oldest existing building in Amsterdam. The church dates from the thirteenth century when it was built to replace a wooden chapel that stood in the same place. The structure is a wonderful example of Dutch Gothic architecture, making it one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the Netherlands.

9. Rembrandt House

Rembrandt House things to do in amsterdam in one day

M.Lesshoud / wikicommons

The Rembrandt House is the former home of artist Rembrandt. The seventeenth-century building is now classified as monumental but has now been completely refurbished. The Rembrandt House now mainly serves as a museum where you can view his studio, the old kitchen, and the living room. There are also a lot of etchings by the artist.

8. Vondelpark

Vondelpark things to do in amsterdam in one day

The Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam and is not only a place for Amsterdammers to find peace in the city. In the summer, the park is often the location where entire theatrical performances and concerts take place outdoors. The park has been a national monument since 1996 and bears its name in honor of the playwright Joost van den Vondel.

7. Jordaan (neighborhood)

jordan things to do in amsterdam in one day

The Jordaan neighborhood is perhaps one of the most visited neighborhoods in Amsterdam. The neighborhood is bordered by the Prinsengracht and the Singelgracht. It is precisely those canals that make this picturesque neighborhood so popular. Jordaan was originally a poor working-class neighborhood, but nowadays small shops and hidden courtyards ensure that there is a romantic atmosphere in the streets.

6. Heineken experience

Heineken experience things to do in amsterdam in one day

This museum of the famous Dutch beer brand is located at the former old brewery. The brewery was closed because it became too small to meet the ever-increasing demand. What distinguishes the museum is the interactive way in which visitors are immersed in the history and brewing process of beer. That is precisely why the Heineken experience is a must during your stay in Amsterdam. And not only for beer lovers but for those who have a taste of beer and want to know more about the brewery process and it’s one of the things to do in Amsterdam in one day.

5. The Dam

the dam things to do in amsterdam in one day

Dam Square is a square in the center of the city of Amsterdam and can be considered as the historic heart of the capital. The name of the square stems from the fact that the square was also used as a dam in the past. Dam Square has always been the center of Amsterdam and the city has grown from this location. On the square you will find the Royal Palace and the museum of Madame Tussauds. The square is often one of the first sights you will find in Amsterdam if you have traveled by train. Dam Square is a stone’s throw from Central Station.

4. Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum things to do in amsterdam in one day

Located on the museum square in Amsterdam, near the I Amsterdam sign, this museum is dedicated to the painter Vincent van Gogh. It is, as it were, a collection of more than hundreds of works of art, drawings and letters from Van Gogh addressed to his brother Theo. It is the largest collection of his work and contains famous paintings such as Potato Eaters and Sunflowers.

3. Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum things to do in amsterdam in one day

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the largest museums that offers an overview of Dutch art. There are works of art that date from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, but also works by the Dutch Masters to which Rembrandt belongs, among others. Rembrandt’s Night Watch is also the most famous work exhibited here. The Rijksmuseum contains not only hundreds of paintings but also many historical objects that tell the history of Amsterdam.

2. The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House things to do in amsterdam in one day

Amsterdam contains many historic buildings that are worth a visit, but none of them has as much history as Prinsengracht 263. Today, this address is better known as the Anne Frank House. The reason why this building is so important is mainly the building behind the front house. The Secret Annex was the hiding place of the Jewish girl Anne Frank and her family during the Second World War. The building is now decorated as a museum that tells the story of the hiding years of perhaps the most famous Jewish girl ever.

1. The Canal Belt

Amsterdam canals things to do in amsterdam in one day

What makes Amsterdam as unique as a city is its canal belt. The Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht are four unique 17th-century canals that form an important part of Amsterdam’s city center. The Grachtengordel is one of Amsterdam’s most important sights and forms a network of streets delimited by historic buildings that remind you of the Golden Age. Many tourists do not skip a boat trip on the canals during their stay in Amsterdam.