If you are here, probably you have questions about how Daily Top Deals works. For our customers and community, we are transparent, and we are always happy to answer questions about how our platform works.

Here are some questions we sometimes get about Daily Top Deals functioning

So, how do Daily Top Deals work?

Imagine you have a friend. His name is Rob, and he is good at finding new offers and deals. He is good at data crunching. He can make APIs, play around with web crawlers, and he trained some models to find trends, patterns in the data.

He also understands a bit basics of some products and using NLP techniques, and he can filter a massive database of reviews. He has also joined a few affiliate networks.

Rob can find excellent deals on the products that you are always looking for at a discounted price. Rob is still excited to buy this, but he cannot buy all exciting products and deals for himself. Rob has now decided to create a small platform to share his insights with his friends and followers.

Rob can tell you “Hey, I found a nice deal on KLM flight to San Francisco, or Rob found a great summer sale discount on Hunkemöller swimsuits.” Your friend Rob is great, and he is a computer programmer and a data cruncher.

Is Daily Top Deals a store? Are you buying deals from us?

We are a social deal sharing platform. Our platform connects potential buyers with the products.

On Daily Top Deals, there is no shopping cart on our website because we connect you with the retailer’s sales pitch page. When you click through one of our deal or blog links, blogs, or ad banner, we as a publisher in the backend redirects you to one of the thousands of retailers we partnered through affiliate networks.

You buy directly through retailers, and we do not store your payment or any user-related information. We make best to have the latest deals and informative blogs and meet the demand with supply. We take down the expired deals or less informative blogs and ensure our deal listing as up-to-date as possible. If an agreement isn’t working out for you, then this is also not working for us. Just leave a comment on the deal or blog, and we’ll follow up.

On dailytop.deals you can find discount offers on travel, health and fitness, software, games, apparel, financial products, and other services, travel, and much more. We will use AI tools to make the deal score. This score will indicate its popularity based on social votes, likes, comments, shares, and other reviews.

If you don't sell anything, then how Daily Top Deal's business model works?

Whenever you buy something we mention in one of our deals, coupon code, or our blogs, we redirect you to the retailer’s webshop. By doing so, we may get a small cut on the sale. Don’t worry, and it doesn’t affect the price you pay. That’s a small affiliate commission the retailer pays us as token money to make a referral.

We’re always happy to help our followers troubleshoot any problems. Contact Us, and if that doesn’t work for you, then you can always send us an email at info@dailytop.deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Daily Top Deals, we do not sell anything. We match a potential buyer with a retailer.

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